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Meet Roshin, who at the age of 15 developed a huge passion for craftsmanship and artisanal values in the world of luxury goods and high-end fashion.  Having realized that his future lay in the same world, started his early days education in the fashion field. Leaving his comfort zone, friends and family behind at an early age Roshin traveled to Milan, the world’s fashion capital, and began his education in Fashion marketing at the renowned, Istituto Europeo di Design. This would be the launching point for his broad and storied career in fashion and luxury.

Shortly after graduation, Roshin landed a job at WGSN, the world’s most influential fashion trend forecasting company.  The experience at WGSN provided an incredible opportunity for Roshin to learn how the fashion industry evolves and functions from behind the scene. The experience also led him across Italy, meeting and working with top luxury brands (in everything from first-line production, to customer-facing retail).

Driven by his wealth of experiences and skills, Roshin then left Italy and traveled to Dubai. There, he started a wildly successful, high-end menswear magazine. This proved be the perfect match for his unique blend of marketing skills and luxury goods experience. After three years of building the magazine, he decided that it was time to use this unique skillset elsewhere— Luxury brands distribution.

Using the experience he gained from working with the world’s top luxury brands and manufacturers across Italy Roshin founded Luxury Marketing Co., which curates the finest of niche luxury brands, fashion raw materials and distributes across Middleeast , India & Africa. The vast connection of network across these markets has enabled Roshin to operate as a perfect bridge between Italy to the new markets.

Luxury Marketing Co. was founded in 2014 with a unique vision of curating and trading of luxury lifestyle products and high-quality raw materials in key markets – Middle East, India & Africa. Our vast network of specialized manufactures and selective brands across Europe, especially Italy enables us to find the right products and services for our discerning clientele. Luxury Marketing co. caters to 3 different market segments.

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